Stamped Concrete: A Unique Take on Concrete

Do you automatically think of foundation slabs when you hear the word “concrete”? Have you ever considered using concrete to decorate your home? You may not have heard of such concept, but it is quite possible because of the malleability of concrete. If such idea is still beyond your imagination, then you should ask help from Concrete Design Artisans LLC. We can use our expertise on stamped concrete to bring life to your dreary backyard. We have done that for numerous houses in Charlotte, NC. So if you find this idea intriguing, then you should pay close attention to what we say.

When we accept a stamped concrete project, our first task would be to verify how you want our output to look like. Would you want us to transform concrete so that it will look like bricks, or do you want it to mimic the beauty of cobblestones? Your answer will help us determine the color of the materials that we will utilize. Other than that, we will ask you to check the results of the dry run to ensure that you will like the outcome.

Once you are satisfied with the layout, we will proceed with the preparation phase. This will mean that we will work on the subgrade and the concrete base. We must ensure that the stamped concrete foundation will meet the minimum requirements. We would also build metal reinforcement to make sure that outcome will last for a long time. We can use any common concrete mix for as long as it does not contain calcium chloride because it has an adverse effect on the color of the result.


If you want to broaden your knowledge of concrete, you should immediately ask the help of Concrete Design Artisans LLC. As one of the leaders of the concrete industry in Charlotte, NC, we can make your visions into a reality and make your property the talk of the town. All you have to do is call us at (704) 496-3077, and we will do the rest.