What We Have to Offer: From Pressure Washing to Demolition Services

Many people think that concrete demolition is plain grueling and brainless work. Contrary to popular belief, though, there is more to it than swinging a hammer. From ensuring safety against flying debris to adhering to building codes, there are various things to take into consideration. If you plan to get rid of your pool, driveway, or a game court in Charlotte, NC, contact Concrete Design Artisans LLC now! They offer reliable concrete service at a price that fits your budget. If you’re interested in the service that we offer, you and your property can enjoy these benefits:



Breaking concrete has its risks. If you are using a sledgehammer to remove the driveway, you need to ensure that you are wearing the proper attire. There are also instances that debris would fly away and might even hit your car or window. If you are breaking concrete inside the house, they might damage your epoxy floors. As experts in the field, we are equipped with the safety gear necessary to protect us and your property from debris.



With over 15 years in the business, we have never failed in giving our clients nothing less than excellent results. With our innovative methods and procedures, you can have a peace of mind that your concrete works are done efficiently. Tearing up an old driveway requires precaution so no part of your home’s foundation will be affected once the busting is done. Additionally, we also have the right equipment for waterproofing, pressure washing, and more that can come in handy for all your concrete needs. Also, we make it our business to meet regulations as well as building codes. We keep our projects safe and legal!



From the exhausting site and breaking sounds in your property, we know that this may ruin anyone’s day. This is why we make it our policy to strictly follow a project’s timeline. Not only is this cost-effective since you don’t need to extend the project, you can also save time from going through any hassle dealing with concrete projects.


If you are a resident of Charlotte, NC or even in who is looking for a professional concrete demolition or construction team, Concrete Design Artisans LLC are the guys who can help you! To speak with a professional about our services, call (704) 496-3077 now!